Lean Construction

Construction projects are not inherently complicated, however because of the challenges encountered during execution they can become complex. This is due to the project not being set up to handle changes in design, availability of resources, materials, and information.

As a result it is difficult to maintain an up to date work plan and the current plan rarely reflects the actual sequence in which tasks are completed. Consequently, the majority of construction tasks that are completed are based on improvisation by the hands on operators. This makes managing activities by setting and following priorities very difficult.

The Problem: Construction Productivity

There are many issues which could affect successful delivery of a project, mainly time and cost overruns in construction are very common. The causes of construction overruns have been investigated and the most common causes are:

As a result of these causes, the construction industry is facing declining productivity. Data published by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics show that in the last 40 years, while non-farm productivity has increased by over 200%, productivity in the construction industry has actually declined.

poor construction productivity

This is creating a crisis for the construction industry given the global demand for construction and the typical size of financial commitment and therefore risk involved.

A Solution: Lean Project Delivery

Lean Project Delivery, also known as Lean Construction is an adaption of Lean principles and practices to the formulation and execution of construction projects. Lean construction supplements traditional construction management approaches by focusing on Creating flow and Maximising value. With the ultimate aim to:

The Last Planner System of Production Control is a method of controlling and providing certainty around materials, resources and dependencies at the work coal face by using a collaborative approach for pull planning. The key practices of the Last Planner System include:

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