Lean Manufacturing

The Lean manufacturing approach is based on finding inefficiencies and removing wasteful steps that don't add value to the end product. There's no need to reduce quality with lean manufacturing – the cuts are a result of finding better, more efficient ways of accomplishing the same tasks.

To find the efficiencies, lean manufacturing adopts a customer-value focus, asking "What is the customer willing to pay for?" Customers want value, and they'll pay only if you can meet their needs. They shouldn't pay for defects, or for the extra cost of having large inventories. In other words, they shouldn't pay for your waste.

We take it one step further, and look for ways to improve the design and delivery strategies of your plant.
We apply a factory physics approach which provides operations analytics enabling managers to determine the most competitive operations strategies and tactics for their company. Typical uses provide improved customer service, reduced cost, and increased cash flow.

We work hand in hand with our clients to understand their processes and challenges in their current facilities in the context of the entire business strategy. There are often immediate improvements that come from initial value stream mapping and analysis of current processes. The final facility implementation incorporates best practices from current work. Building on extensive work with client personnel in understanding current processes and requirements for business success. Blue Ocean personnel would work with the client's personnel to build a facility with state-of-the-art manufacturing logistics.
+ Analysis and Conceptual Design
+ Detailed Design and Planning
+ Startup Assistance
+ Automation and improvement of data capture across the whole of business.

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