If You Always Do What You Always Did, You'll Always Get What You Always Got!

Blue Ocean has more than 2 decades of experience in lean transformation and change management for businesses and projects at a national and international level.

As capital projects become increasingly complex and dynamic, traditional approaches to management are not able to address the inherent challenges.

Our clients are gaining uncontested advantage by improving the delivery and management of capital assets. Working with owners, designers, operators, constructors, and suppliers across all construction industry sectors.

As a company that operates in a global capacity, when engaging with our clients our objectives are fundamentally the same – to add value and increase the reliability of delivering the project on time and within budget, safely.

From an initial workshop, into a demonstration project, through to hands on deployment and coaching, our skills are diverse and are geared to meet the expectations of our clients. 

Our knowledge on project delivery can be applied to all projects facets within the industry.

We work across all construction phases including: Project Definition; Design; Supply; Assembly; and Use / Decommission.

The Poor State Of Construction!

“In recent surveys of major projects, nine out of ten had cost overruns, cost overruns of 50 to 100 percent were common, and overruns above 100 percent were not uncommon”
“Design by Deception: The Politics of Megaproject Approval”, Bent Flyvbjerg, Harvard Design Magazine, no. 22, pp. 50-59, 2005

“Between 40 and 50 percent of all construction projects are running behind schedule… same as previous years”
Construction Management Association of America (CMAA), “6th Annual Survey of Construction Owners”, 2005

“1/3 of every dollar spent on construction is wasted” 
Construction Users Roundtable (CURT) study, 2000

Blue Ocean’s view is that the prevailing wisdom regarding project management essentially abstracts away from the management of production.

We focus explicitly on up-skilling and transferring our knowledge to your business and project teams to improve the management of production on projects, through the use of various tools and techniques incorporated into 3 focus areas being:

1. Production Management and Control
2. Digital Design and Prototyping
3. Supply Chain and Material Management Integration
Production Management & Control

  • Deployment of the Last Planner System™ of Production Control.
  • Definition and design of the project as a production system.
  • Design look-ahead plans that are based upon making work ready.
  • Minimise workflow variability and to increase site pull to minimize project production system inventory.
  • Definition and design business processes and rules that support work execution.
  • Design execution level work plans on a weekly/daily basis through coordination meetings involving key stakeholders.
  • Deploy our web based enabling system [P2IC™] which enables greater business intelligence (where practicably possible).
  • Definition and design of key measurements and analytics required to measure the project production system.

Digital Design/Prototyping
  • Set-based concurrent design.
  • Digital builds and product lifecycle management.
  • Virtual reality and visualisation of process representation (down to execution level detail).
  • BIM Coordination.
  • Construction Simulation.
  • Design Synthesis.
  • DfMA (Design for Manufacture and Assembly).
  • Visual Method Statements.
  • Design Synthesis.
  • Target Value Design.
  • Build ability.
  • Clash Detection.
  • Real time costs and time.
  • Material and Logistics management.
  • Optimize labour and plant.

Supply Chain and  Material Management Integration /Optimization
  • Definition and design of material flow and management.
  • Definition and design of logistics centers.
  • Definition and design of site stores and consumables.
  • Definition and design of fabrication facilities.