Wanting To Deploy A Continuous Improvement System?

Blue Ocean has more than 2 decades of experience in lean transformation and change management for businesses and projects at a national and international level. Our team of experienced professionals follow an implementation process, with a holistic approach and a local flavor. Our diversity and real world experience in various cultures and languages enables a successful and timely implementation of a Continuous Improvement culture, within any organisation.

Blue Ocean's expertise supports our clients to operate better and more efficiently, within their own organisation. As a result, our clients benefit from accelerated product development, increased sales, effective marketing, efficient flow and resource management and most importantly, the creation of a sustainable, effective and motivating improvement culture organisation wide.

We work with clients across "Construction", "Manufacturing"; and "Office".

Let Blue Ocean be your partner for your strategic deployment efforts, enabling long term, sustainable success within an increasingly competitive and challenging environment.

What makes our lean embedment different? We help clients develop winning capabilities, build better managers, and create next-level platforms to achieve sustainable results. We do this based on seven unique elements:

1. Strategic/Business. We understand the strategic and business perspectives of our clients.

2. Customization. We tailor our solutions to a client’s specific situation, with emphasis on the most important areas of need.

3. Fast Results. We design to begin building capabilities and generating impact from day one.

4. Efficiency. We are “lean in lean” so that we help our clients be independent at an earlier time than our competitors.

5. Measurable. We use health checks to measure enablement progress within the client organization.

6. Corporate Learning. We are considerate of and place specific focus on roles and responsibilities, from the executive suite to the factory floor.

7. Client Enablement. We integrate client members in our teams to work hands-on to get results and build capabilities.ext right