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The focus Blue Ocean team places on accountability, advisory, coaching and consulting, assist's individuals, projects and companies improve value, reliability and performance.

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The Specific's of "What We Do"

We work with business and on projects across a wide array of sectors, there isnt much we haven't dealt with. It does not matter if you are dreaming up, starting up, ramping up, scaling up OR looking at how to exit your business, we can help coach /advise /consult you through the process, holding you accountable along the way.


Let's develop a culture of Accountability. Simply defined, accountability is accepting responsibility for your actions.

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Business Coaching

Let's face it, everyone needs a coach. We are here to support and discuss with you how you can improve or grow your business.

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Business Consulting

Every business faces unique and complex challenges: successful businesses navigate change, while growth businesses shape it.

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High Performance Growth Mode

As an entrepreneur, the most important skill you will ever discover is how to get into what we call "High Performance Growth Mode".

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Blue Ocean Strategy

Throughout the world Blue Ocean Strategy is now recognised as best practice in strategic planning and change management.

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Lean Construction

As capital projects become increasingly complex and dynamic, traditional approaches to management are not able to address the inherent challenge.

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Project Coaching

Have a project where you need someone to drive success and behaviours to reach the target outcome? We drive this on your behalf, becoming part of the team, yet seen as thought leaders.

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Project Consulting

Hands on deployment to get your project lifted. We do the heavy lifting for you to get traction and hit deliverables. Doesnt matter what you need, we can deliver it.

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AI Technology

AI refers to the ability of machines and computers to perform tasks that would normally require human intelligence. These tasks include things like recognizing patterns and making predictions. Ultimately, that's not magic; it's math. We have been operating in this space for several years now.

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We also recommend and are strong proponents of Lean thinking, TQM, Harada Method, Book Youself Solid, Value Builder System amongst others.


From identifying cost-effective ways to reach new audiences, to developing a clear framework to achieve your goals, we will help drive business growth more quickly - saving you time and money.

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Looking to invest? We have opened up our Syndicate to investors wanting to buy and develop businesses.

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